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Are you looking for the best blender to make a smoothie, some pesto or even chili? Do you hate getting chunks in your puree even after blending for minutes? Does your old blender liquefy instead of crush ice? This is where your search ends.

Hi. I’m Mandy. Welcome to my Blender Reviews blog. This is where you will find good blenders, and finally get the right consistency for your smoothie, cream base, baby food or salad dressing!

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How To Choose The Best Blender

I didn’t realize there were two types of blenders until someone brought a hand blender to my home party some years ago. I mean, I knew the hand blender existed, but I didn’t place both types of blender together – they look so different!

countertop blenders reviews Countertop blender – Good for blending a large amount, for a longer period, or blending many ingredients altogether, e.g. chili paste. Depending on the horsepower, this can be powerful enough to blend ice for smoothies. ($15 – $1000)
Immersion blenders reviews Immersion blender – Good for blending small amounts quickly and creaming soup directly in the pot so that you don’t have to transfer hot soup to and from the blender. Usually has small power and unsuitable for blending ice. ($15 – $400)

After deciding which type of blender you want (many good cooks have both!), it’s time to look at your expectations of the blender. Since the quality and price range of blenders are so greatly varied, it’s important to know whether you should go for that $500 high quality blender that will do all the things you want it to do, or that $30 personal blender will do just fine. Here are some questions and answers that will help you find the right blender.

  • Do you want a heavy duty blender that has kneading functions?
    - A blender-mixer saves countertop space by combining both functions, but be prepared to pay twice or more times the price of a normal blender.
  • Do you want to crush ice?
    - Get a blender with good power.
  • Do you want to blend big batches of food at any one go?
    - Get a jar blender with big capacity.
  • Do you just want to blend personal sized drinks?
    - Get a small blender that is travel-friendly and easy to wash.

If you’re looking for a countertop blender, go to my guide here for more on how to select kitchen blender models.

For immersion blenders, check out my best immersion blender page where I will tell you which are the high quality hand held blenders you can get for a good price.

Best Blender Reviews

There are many famous brands for blenders. Among them are KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Oster, Braun, Vita-Mix, etc. To help you in your choice, I have done a thorough research and these are the best blenders I came up with.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad blenders. My blender blog here has all my reviews on the best ones, from all price ranges to suit different needs. :)

My Favorite Blenders To Recommend

I have categorized the blenders according to their functions and features, and picked the best of the best for each.

And here are some of my favorite blenders again.

I don’t know everything about blenders, but I did make a ton of research and tried many blenders myself, thus the creation of this website. There is more to a blender than meets the eye, so I have compiled everything you should need to know before buying a blender.

I hope that by reading a few of my blog posts, you can find the best blender that gives you ease, convenience and good food (or drinks)! While you’re at it, here are some articles of interest: